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Articles about Craig Bellamy

Nobby blasts Sir BobbyNobby blasts Sir Bobby by Nolberto Solano - 12/09/2005
Neil Farrington's report in the Newcastle Sunday Sun concerning the souring relationship between Nobby and Sir Bobby Robson. [More]
Jamie - you'll never be forgottenJamie - you'll never be forgotten by Robbie Elliott - 30/11/2004
Robbie wishes Jamie McClen good luck with his spell at Port Vale...and reminds us why Jamie was such a legend with another 'McClen classic'. [More]
Yes it's Newcastle but I'm a Villa player nowYes it's Newcastle but I'm a Villa player now by Nolberto Solano - 26/08/2004
Nobby looks forward to Saturday's meeting between his past and present clubs....a game that could be crucial for Europena qualification when the points are added up next May. [More]
Feeling the heatFeeling the heat by John Beresford - 23/08/2004
With another season starting with disappointing results, Bez hopes that an early goal on Wednesday night will lead to the first three points of the season. [More]
Kluivert -  A player and maybe a bit of a gambleKluivert - A player and maybe a bit of a gamble by John Beresford - 23/07/2004
Bez looks at the Kluivert signing and worries not about the players temperament or footballing ability - but the impact of having four top strikers fighting for two places. [More]
It could be a great year for all my ex-clubs!It could be a great year for all my ex-clubs! by Gavin Peacock - 11/05/2004
With relative success for Charlton, Chelsea, and QPR, and a chance that Newcastle will win their next two games, Gavin looks back on a satisfying season! [More]
Injuries and suspensions...but still up thereInjuries and suspensions...but still up there by Robbie Elliott - 27/04/2004
Robbie looks at the present injury crisis - not helped by future suspensions - but argues that Newcastle still have a lot to play for and the club needs to stay positive. [More]
O'Leary's worry at Solano's hamstringO'Leary's worry at Solano's hamstring by Nolberto Solano - 20/04/2004
A report on the ic network featuring David O'Leary's reasoning behind his substitution of Nobby on Sunday. [More]
It'll go the wireIt'll go the wire by John Beresford - 05/04/2004
Bez looks at the battle for the final Champions League spot and states that nothing will be decided until the final game of the season. [More]
The good, the bad, and the uglyThe good, the bad, and the ugly by John Beresford - 12/02/2004
Bez looks at last night's game at Blackburn - no prizes for guessing that Lucas Neill's challenge on Craig Bellamy is classed as 'the ugly'!!! [More]
A crucial three weeksA crucial three weeks by John Beresford - 12/12/2003
With the holiday period seeing games come thick and fast, Bez compares the respective challenges faced by Newcastle and Liverpool and states that Newcastle will be looking to increase the pressure on their scouse rivals. [More]
It's Barcelona again?!It's Barcelona again?! by Jamie McClen - 20/11/2003
Jamie compares the Barcelona link to tonight's game against Crook and last season run in the Champions League. [More]
Chelsea - anything could happenChelsea - anything could happen by Robbie Elliott - 08/11/2003
Robbie looks forward to Sunday's game at Chelsea and feels that the game is very hard to call... [More]
SHOULDER BACKS BROWN TO SUCCEED by Jason Brown - 11/10/2003
After Jason played his last game for the Welsh under 21's last night, the under 21 manager, Jimmy Shoulder, pays a tribute and states that full caps are a realsitic ambition. [More]
It's still not happening!It's still not happening! by John Beresford - 21/09/2003
After Bez took in Saturday's home game against Bolton, he looks at the media criticism of the team and attempts to identify why the team just isn't clicking into place. [More]
Problems at NewcastleProblems at Newcastle by John McGinlay - 17/09/2003
After losing Florent Laville for six months, John looks at the defensive challenge faced by Sam and forecasts a tough time at Newcastle on Saturday. [More]
Solano works out the physical side by Nolberto Solano - 11/04/2003
By his own admission, Nolberto Solano was a weak link in the Newcastle United team when he began life as a Premiership midfielder five years ago, but he has since risen in stature and status on Tyneside. [More]
Inter actionInter action by John Beresford - 10/03/2003
It’s do or die in tomorrow’s Champions league clash at the San Siro, and although were’ve been in this ‘must win’ situation before, a repeat of the away win in Feyenoord will be a much tougher proposition. [More]
Everton - let's put it rightEverton - let's put it right by Jamie McClen - 29/11/2002
What a week! Sitting on the sidelines I’ve taken in two massive games that haven’t gone to plan – but it’ll be a big motivation for Sunday’s game. [More]
Echoes of the PastEchoes of the Past by John Beresford - 29/11/2002
The present criticism of the defence takes me back to the Keegan days, the day the midfield protects the defence is the day the criticism will stop. It's a team game and a midfield has a defensive role to play in addition to that of attack. [More]
INTER the big timeINTER the big time by John Beresford - 25/11/2002
Wednesday night will see the club enter a new phase in the Champions League and a new phase in the history of the club. This is the big time, and it’s where Newcastle United belong. [More]
So happy for the fansSo happy for the fans by Robbie Elliott - 14/11/2002
Taking in last nights game, sitting in that stadium, listening to two sets of brilliant fans, seeing the flares, the ribbons, the flags, and to take in a game that had so much to it, well it was simply fantastic. [More]
We must hit the road to victoryWe must hit the road to victory by Nolberto Solano - 12/11/2002
Midfield ace Nobby Solano is convinced it will be a case of 'away the lads' when Newcastle United confront Feyenoord in their Champions' League showdown tomorrow night. [More]
Lets put Feyenoord behind usLets put Feyenoord behind us by Nolberto Solano - 27/09/2002
Tuesday night was such a disappointment, but now we've got a chance to turn it round at Birmingham [More]
The Pressue is still on!The Pressue is still on! by Nolberto Solano - 24/09/2002
The Sunderland victory was great, we enjoyed it, but the pressure is still an and we must beat Feyenoord tonight [More]
So much more than three points!So much more than three points! by John Beresford - 23/09/2002
The derby win was worth so much more than three points and I hope that we can really move forward after this result. [More]
Keep it tightKeep it tight by John Beresford - 19/09/2002
Looking back at the 1997 Kiev game, it'll be very important for the midfield to protect the defence and keep it very tight for the first 20 minutes. [More]
The better side but no points!The better side but no points! by Jamie McClen - 12/09/2002
The Leeds result was very disappointing for the lads, but we've got to take heart from aspects of the game. We also played a friendly against Carlisle today, I scored in a 3-2 win. [More]
(Another) Classic six-pointer(Another) Classic six-pointer by John Beresford - 11/09/2002
The big games keep on coming, but the Leeds game is bigger than most! [More]
No great surprise at St.JamesNo great surprise at St.James by Warren Barton - 20/08/2002
I watched the Newcastle v West Ham game, as expected, I saw a good Newcastle win. [More]
An interview with Nobby Solano by Nolberto Solano - 22/04/2002
Nobby interviewed whilst in Blackburn in preparation for the Premiership game Tuesday, 23rd April [More]
Just One Point from Champions League Football by John Beresford - 21/04/2002
With the Charlton Victory and both Leeds and Chelsea losing, one point will bring Champions League football to St.James. [More]
The PFA Awards - what a night! by John Beresford - 16/04/2002
The PFA Awards - what a night! Bez talks of past celebrations in London and offers his views on his choices for Player and Young Player of the year. [More]
He deserves it! by Nolberto Solano - 14/04/2002
I've said that Beller's has been great for us this year, and he deserves his Young Player of the Year award [More]
An interview with Nobby Solano by Nolberto Solano - 25/03/2002
Nobby interviewed whilst in Blackburn in preparation for the Premiership game Tuesday, 23rd April [More]
Now it's gonna be really tough!Now it's gonna be really tough! by John Beresford - 26/02/2002
Bez talks about the injury to Bellamy. [More]
Don’t Blame the Club! by John Beresford - 08/02/2002
I’ve seen all the media jump on the usual bandwagon when it comes to footballers and alleged ‘drunken’ incidents. [More]
Big Al and little Bellamy (Newcastle 3 Bolton 2) by John Beresford - 03/02/2002
What a game! Although this was far from Newcastle’s best performance of the season, there were some excellent moves and some excellent goals. [More]
Where were they? by John Beresford - 07/11/2001
I have been away working for ESPN in Majorca this week. This also coincides with a well-earned break being enjoyed by the Newcastle squad, however, the 'big news' has been the conduct of four players, Keiron Dyer, Andy Griffin, Carl Cort, and Craig Bellamy. [More]