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He deserves it! - 14/04/2002

   Thierry Henry
   Craig Bellamy
   Alan Shearer

I've said that Beller's has been great for us this year, and he deserves his Young Player of the Year award. You're not allowed to vote for players at your own club, so I didn't vote for anyone in that category! I don't think you can ignore the fact that we fell away from the top of the Premiership after Beller's got injured. Corty and Al are similar players and when they played together we had to change our style of play. Although he's just about fit now, it's a great boost to him that he's won the award and it'll encourage him in training and when he comes back.

As for the Player of the Year, I voted for Henry. His pace and finishing ability are incredible, and although he didn't score against us and missed three of our four games, his form throughout the season has been exceptional. In my opinion he just shaded it from Van Nilstelrooy

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