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Just One Point from Champions League Football - 21/04/2002

   Craig Bellamy
   Lomano Lua Lua
   Alan Shearer
   Laurent Robert
   Sir Bobby Robson
 Leagues & Cups:
   Champions League

With the 3-0 Charlton victory. and both Leeds and Chelsea losing, one point will bring Champions League football to St.James. The margin of victory slightly flattered Newcastle, and I knew that it would be tight with Charlton sitting back and keeping possession relatively well. I enjoyed the goals though, and the circus juggler’s strike was top rate – just like his acrobatics afterwards!

They call David Beckham ‘golden balls’, well that’s just lifted from Alan Shearer! In life everything has fallen for him…but as I said on TV today, that’s greatly down to his mental strength. Of course he has ability, but his incredible mental determination has been his strongest attribute. To get to 200 Premiership goals is a massive achievement, it won’t be beaten for years – if at all, and Al deserves all the congratulations he’s getting.

With Leeds and Chelsea both losing, it’ll take a miracle for Newcastle to fail to qualify. Bobby Robson has worked wonders, taking them from bottom of the league to this level in only three seasons – and that’s with tough injury problems taking their toll. For me, the signings of Bellamy and Robert have been the difference this year. Now they’ll be able to lure top quality players with the promise of the Champions League, so it’ll be an interesting summer!

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