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An interview with Nobby Solano - 25/03/2002

   Craig Bellamy
   Lomano Lua Lua

Nobby, how do you feel the Charlton game went? Well we got the win and the goals were good so we were very happy. The table looked good on Saturday night so it made it an even better day!

Did Chelsea losing to Man Utd give you a boost? No, we have to win our games and no one can catch us. We focus on what we have to do and what happens in other games we cannot control. We have the Blackburn game tomorrow and that's all we're thinking about, so if we get a point we're in the Champions League.

Bellamy was on the subs bench and didn't make an appearance, was he simply being protected? Lua Lua has been fantastic since he came on in the Derby game, the thing is that we don't need Beller's right now (voice in the background..."you can F*** Off, I've been carrying this F***ing club the whole season"...much laughter [Bellamy rooming with Nobby]).

What did you think of the Shearer goal? I missed it, I'd just been substituted and was in the shower. It's a fantastic achievement though and I'm glad for the fans that he did it in a home game.

There was also Lua Lua's celebration... Yeh, and now he's injured! No, he has pulled a muscle but I don't think it was anything to do with gymnastics.

Were you upset with being substituted? I don't like to come off in games, but as I got to the touchline the manager said that the game was won and we have tomorrow's game. I accept his decision and it makes sense.

How do you feel about the Blackburn match? It will be tough, I think they need a point or two to be safe. They play good football and have some good players, but so do we.

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