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Three points we really needed - 14/04/2002

   Lomano Lua Lua
   Alan Shearer
   Laurent Robert
   Derby County
   Newcastle United

There's been a few mad games this season, and the Derby game was definitely one of them. We were forced to change our play when both Al and Corty left the field. Kieron Dyer and Lua Lua’s pace then took over and we never looked back. I’m glad that Lua Lua scored, he deserved it for the all times he’s had to come off the bench, but more importantly, it’s three points that we really, really needed.

I couldn’t believe what happened to Al. I didn’t see the incident and the first thing I saw was Al and Rob on the floor. At least they’re both OK and Al might even make it back for the Charlton game. I’m not really looking for the Chelsea v Man Utd result, if we win our game we’ll be in the Champions League, so it’s down to us to do it!

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