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We have to beat Brazil - 16/11/2003

We have to beat Brazil
   Federación Peruana de Fútbol
   Confederaç o Brasileira de Futebol

The Peruvian Newcastle midfielder Nolberto Solano said that if Peru want to play World Cup Germany 2006 they will have to beat Brazil in the South American qualifiers.

"The experience that you get when the years go by make you calm for these important moments, you are not nervous anymore and I expect that we will all play well, it depends on us. If we want to play World Cup Germany 2006 we have to win at home against Brazil," said Solano.

"We have to take advantage of the fact that Brazil leave many free spaces to be able to score. We have good strikers like for example Andres Mendoza who is having a great moment in his team, and also Claudio Pizarro."

About Brazil, Solano said: "We know that it's not easy to score a goal against Brazil because they have very good players but our idea is not to let them have the ball too often because then we will have problems."

Asked if they have more advantage because Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho will not play due to injuries, Solano answered: "All the Brazilians players are very good and that's why Brazil is a team that you have to respect."

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