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Peru and Newcastle - 04/01/2002

Peru and Newcastle
   Newcastle United
   Federación Peruana de Fútbol

Q. What went wrong with Peru's bid to qualify for the World Cup?

A: I am very, very disappointed that Peru didn't make the World Cup, we are quite a young side and miss some experience. I think that we need more of our players to play in Europe and gain European experience. We made it in 1970, 1978, and 1982, so we have proved that we can get there and I know that we can get there again.

Q: So what about the following World Cup?

A: Well I'd like to part of it! If we can get some more experience then we can do it. It is so important to play for your country and we have such few chances to play at this level.

Q: A lot has been said about you playing for Peru and it's impact on Newcastle United…

A: I know, but people have to accept that I have the same feelings my country as they have for their's. Peru is in my heart, it is who I am, but this should not be taken as any disrespect or disregard for Newcastle United. I play for the fans of Newcastle and for the fans of the Peru and I give all my effort to be successful for each team.

Q: It was reported that Bobby Robson has agreed with you that you wouldn't be flying back to South America to play for Peru. What is your side of events?

A: I think was taken up by people and exaggerated a little. You have to remember that I'm not the only South American in Europe. Roberto Carlos and Juan Veron are both based over here but manage to play for their countries.

Q: So what effect does it have on you?

A: OK, If we play an international in Peru on say a Wednesday night, I cannot get a plan until Thursday night. I fly KLM to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam fly to Newcastle. In total that's a fourteen-hour flight. I arrive back in Newcastle on a Friday night and although I make it in plenty of time for a Saturday game, if I've picked up a knock then this can affect me - it's not good to sit for such a long time. The jet lag is not a big problem, it's only travelling the other way where I feel tried.

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