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Should we take a Winter Break? - 05/09/2002

Should we take a Winter Break?

There’s a lot of talk in football about the benefits of a winter break. Well, much as I’d enjoy a break I’m not so sure that it would appeal to me. I’m a footballer, and I want to play football. It doesn’t matter to me that we have to play so many games, I enjoy it.

I also doubt whether we’d get that much rest, after all, we’d have to keep fit and I don’t think many managers would want to reduce training for fear of re-starting the season without a 100% squad. At that time of year, we don’t need to spend much time working on stamina. If you’re not carrying injuries, then you’re playing games, and it’s games that make you match fit. Basically, I feel that we’d be taking our foot off the pedal and then pushing it back down even harder. If that was the case, then what’s the point?

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