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Chelsea – do not jump on the bandwagon - 09/01/2004

Chelsea – do not jump on the bandwagon
His width has been missed
   Damien Duff
   Charlton Athletic

As we approach the half way mark of the season, Chelsea are only seven points from the top and have a very comfortable eleven point cushion between them and fourth placed Charlton. The club has probably exceeded expectations with their Champions League form and although the draw away to Watford wasn’t a great result, I can look back at a 0-0 result at Barnet in my Chelsea days followed by the run that led to us lifting the cup!


At the start of the season many of the pundits were saying that Chelsea would never win the league this year as it’d take time for the team to gel. So really, I think it’s fair to say that we’ve matched expectations. I read an article in Times recently, possibly written by Simon Barnes. He highlighted the fact that as a nation we love to see the big boys fall on their respective faces. So the media – to a degree – are enjoying the poor results and non-Chelsea fans are lapping it up. But will Chelsea have another month like December? Probably not!! All teams go through difficult spells and it just happens to be the case that this is one of those times for Chelsea.


Looking at the Liverpool game; Gerard Houllier came down with a game plan and stuck to it – well done to them. With Damian Duff being injured there wasn’t the usual width and Chelsea tried to play down the middle. Perhaps it’s  sign of the times that a home defeat to Liverpool resulted in so much disappointment, but Chelsea’s form will return and I’m very confident that we’ll soon be talking about another run of excellent form and results for the Kings Road club.

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