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A boost for the defence - 31/08/2002

A boost for the defence
Long time coming
   Bolton Wanderers
   Manchester United
   Aston Villa
 Leagues & Cups:
   Premier League

The (eventual) signing of Ivan Campo is a significant boost to Bolton. Itís been some time coming, but Iím sure weíll see that itíll be worth the wait. Heíll provide some class and big time experience to pep up Gudni and Mike Whitlow. Sometimes the introduction of a new face freshens up the place and with his pedigree at Madrid heís just the man. I like the fact that heís signed on loan, itís a low risk piece of business and we havenít had to splash out a transfer fee. OK the boyís wages wont be on peanuts, but all round Iím happy.

Itís been a tough start to the season and when you look at the fixture list it isnít going to get any better. The Villa game is important, going in to games against Liverpool. Man Utd and Arsenal doesnít inspire you with confidence. If you face those three without a point, then the confidence is low and the pressure is high. Sam knows what heís doing, but itís a tough take. The signing if Campo is a great timing, whatever role he playís against Villa, I just hope his presence will provide the boost we need.

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