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Time to move on, but also to appreciate the past - 11/02/2004


It’s a little disappointing that after 20 years as club Chairman, Ken Bates’ programme notes – or the lack of them should lead to the controversy that it has. As a Chairman Ken has transformed the club from a struggling, financially crippled club into the Premiership powerhouse that it is today. Although Roman Abramovich has taken Chelsea to another level, credit should be given to Ken for overseeing the takeover.

We all know that the abrasive character of Chairman has upset a few people over the years, but in the fans eyes, he’s very much a popular personality. Perhaps their should have been an opportunity for Ken to ‘say goodbye’ in his notes, or to re-house his article in another part of the programme. That’s with the benefit of hindsight of course, and in football even the slightest PR mistake can blow up out of all proportion.

I met Peter Kenyon when he was giving an interview for Chelsea TV and he took time to smooth over the issue. Although Chelsea fans might not be too happy with the first week of Peter’s tenure, it would be a mistake to make any judgements on the new Chief Executive. He’s been brought to Stamford Bridge for a very good reason – he’s pedigree is without question and his knowledge, skills, and experience will benefit the club.

Yes, it is a new era. Chelsea football club have a history and a present, and a future. Supporters should enjoy the success of the past and should hold those responsible for the success with affection. It’s also very important to support the club today – to help ensure developments that will bring success in the future. It’s not time to forget, but perhaps it is time to move on.

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