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Something Special - 18/12/2003

Something Special
The top Premiership keeper?
   Antti Niemi
   Bruno N Gotty
   Simon Charlton
   Youri Djorkaeff
   Austin Okocha
   Sam Allardyce
   Bolton Wanderers
   Manchester United
 Leagues & Cups:
   League Cup

Are there any Bolton fans not enjoying themselves at the moment? If so, they must be mad! The football is excellent and the results even better. Last time I wrote a piece for the website I said we’ve never had it so good…but it just got better!! Since then there’s been the win at Chelsea, and the Carling Cup win against Southampton - with a great a chance of reaching Cardiff. The only downside is that we play Villa at home first, but I still fancy or chances.

The whole team have been doing the business with Jay Jay reaching top form, the return of a rejuvenated Djorkaeff, and a wonderful defensive record. To be honest, when we lost Florent Laville I genuinely feared the worst but Simon Charlton has came in alongside Bruno N’Gotty and they’ve been massive for the team. 

Ironically, the one drawback is that we now have the respect of the rest of the Premiership. Last season Arsenal’s Premiership crown was lost at The Reebok, they went 2-0 up and Arsene Wenger brought off players thinking the game had been tied up – Not so! He isn’t going to make the same mistake twice and with results as we’ve had lately, no team will play us with anything but their strongest possible eleven.

The wins and progress in the Carling Cup will also bring some much needed revenue into the club. There have been one or two rumours about things said as regards finance and one referred to a reduced salary for Sam – incredible!! I don’t have any knowledge of what was said, if anything, with the success we’ve had you’d have thought the only financial change to the big man’s contract would be an increase! He’s a prize asset and Bolton must fear that some other club will come in and cherry pick. He’s worked wonders and isn’t too far away from a profile to rival the best in the job.


I think I’ve seen the best goalkeeper in the Premiership, Jussi isn’t far behind him but I’m sure that Antti Niemi is the top man. I’ve known about him for some time, having been released by Rangers he went on to be a big hit at Hearts before coming south with Southampton. There were one or two clubs at the recent Bolton game and it wouldn’t surprise me if Man Utd came in for him. Alex Ferguson needs two top keepers at Old Trafford and Niemi can be the answer. Roy Carroll isn’t quite there so the Finnish international will either oust Tim Howard or push him all the way. We had 60% of the play against Southampton and really battered them – the only man between us and a comfortable victory - Niemi.

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