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08/11/97 v Coventry (a) 2-2 Premiership

This was the game where Shay put the ball down and Dion Dublin came from behind him to pinch the ball off him and score. A late rasper from Bobby Lee gave us a share of the points.

"I didn't even see it (the Dublin goal). I was jogging back up the pitch concentrating on pushing up and getting tight on whoever was in front of me and suddenly there was this roar from the crowd. I turned round and there was Shay facing the goal with Dion Dublin celebrating in the corner. I couldn't work out what had happened, I thought Shay must have thrown the ball in the net or hit it against Dublin. I asked Rob Lee what was going on and he was just as much in the dark as me. It was only while the ref was consulting with his linesman that one of the lads explained what had happened. It was one of the strangest things, though seeing a goal being celebrated and having no idea what had happened.

After the game we weren't mad at Shay, we just took the mick and gave him stick for being so stupid."

All quotes are taken from John Beresford's interviews for