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05/04/97 Sunderland (h) 1-1 Premiership

"I was injured for this one and I don't remember that much about it. I know Chris Waddle pretty well now - in fact he wants me to play for his team [Worksop Town] - but I never really knew him when he returned as a Sunderland player. I think Alan was pleased to score against them that day but a bit disappointed we didn't beat them.

"Just another quick mackem story for you - I covered their game at Spurs the other day and as I left the ground to find my car I was aware of footsteps behind me. Three Sunderland fans suddenly grabbed me and pinned me up against a wall. I could smell a load of drink on their breaths and I was absolutely bricking it. I was just about to clench my fist and wait for the worst when they all started laughing and said, "Ah, we're only joking, man." I can't describe the relief. Some police came running round the corner and I told them everything was OK. I actually had quite a good laugh with them and they were fine but it was a bit of a bad moment for a while there.

"As for Saturday, well, I got put on the spot a bit on Cafe Sport last week. I obviously have to be a bit careful about what I say as I'm often down the Stadium of Light covering Sunderland games but I was caught off guard slightly. The presenter asked if I thought Newcastle would win and without thinking I said, "I hope so." Apparently the programme had a load of people phoning up to complain afterwards. Well, I couldn't help telling the truth...."

All quotes are taken from John Beresford's interviews for