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09/12/95 v Chelsea (a)0-1 Premiership

We'd been beaten and the old ex-Chelsea player Alan Hudson had a swipe at Keegan after the game, although he was having a go at the players rather than KK himself. Keegan couldn't stand that and just lost it completely. In the end Terry Mac had to physically hold him back as KK was up for decking the bloke. We were right behind him, saying "Go on gaffer!" but it never quite came to blows.

I was sub for this game and KK never liked to change a winning side but in his teamtalk he said that he'd had to make an exception to bring back Peter Beardsley and apologised to the player he's had to leave out. When he said it I couldn't help piping up, "Oh, am I not a special case then?" as a joke but Keegan didn't like it and told me if I had a problem to see him afterwards, which I did. We sorted it out.

All quotes are taken from John Beresford's interviews for