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31/08/94 v West Ham (a) 3-1 Premiership

Another good win at West Ham, an own goal by Steve Potts and goals for Lee and Mathie again.

"This was the one when Kevin Keegan tried to re-educate us and our drinking habits. He was really bubbling after the win and as we got on the coach he thought someone he knew was waving to him. He started waving back and just as he was about to get off the coach to talk to the bloke he realised it was a West Ham fan giving him the w*nker sign.... Anyway, after a good win we would often stop off at an off-licenc e and get a few beers in for the journey back. This time round Keegan announced he would get some decent drink and got back on the coach with several cases of Chablis. You can imagine what most of the players thought about it, Clarkie in particular wasn't impressed. Most of the lads didn't want any and shouted abuse at Keegan and he ended up drinking most of it himself. When we dropped him off at Scotch Corner, where his wife was picking him up he was absolutely hammered. I think he fell off the bus and had to be helped into the car...."

All quotes are taken from John Beresford's interviews for