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18/08/93 v Coventry (a) 1-2 Premiership

Our First game in the Premiership, on a warm Wednesday evening.

"That was the game I got Pav sent off. I left a back pass short for Pav and although I'm not sure whether he needed to bring down Wegerle [can you confirm] it was all my fault. It was an important game - our first away game in the Premier League - and I was devastated that I'd made such a vital mistake. As it turned out, Mickey Quinn blasted the penalty over but we were down to 10 men and struggling.

We took the lead with a deflected Liam O'Brien free-kick and went in at half time 1-0 up. We were under a lot of pressure in the second half and I was trying so hard to make up for the mistake but we lost 2-1 in the end, Peter Ndlovu and Mick Harford getting a late winner. In the dressing room after the game, Keegan had a bit of a go at me, not for the mistake - that was just one of those things - but for trying too hard to make amends. He said I'd been too cavalier and should have used my head a bit more. He was right.

David Kelly came into the player's lounge after the game. He'd been in the stands watching and had got a great reception from the fans. He never wanted to leave Newcastle but Keegan had told him that he couldn't guarantee him first team football in the Premier League and Ned left on the best terms possible".

All quotes are taken from John Beresford's interviews for