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25/04/93 v Sunderland (h) 1-0 Division One

"In between the two games that year I remember the Sunderland players got into a bit of trouble at their Christmas bash in Newcastle. They went to Jimmy's and one of the younger players let off a stink bomb. This didn't go down too well and I think Don Goodman ended up being laid out on the floor. I asked Kevin Ball how bad it got and he said, "Put it this way, as I picked Don up off the floor I got a cracking volley in the face...". Lee Clark said he knew the bouncers on the door were United fans and that they'd been hoping something would go off that night....

The Sunderland players would often come to Newcastle for a night out but it was never the other way round. I only went there once for a couple's night out with Steve Howey and his missus and we took a load of abuse. I think it was only because we weren't on our own that we didn't get into real trouble but I never went again. United players regarded it as a no-go area.

The home game was the one that was a real washout. I think one of the reasons Keith Hackett gave it the go-ahead was because the police didn't want the two sets of fans milling around the city centre all afternoon. Terry Butcher had been telling the press how his side would come to St.James' and grab the points in a SAS-type raid. I don't remember much about the game but I don't think they ever got anywhere near our goal. A great Scotty Sellars free-kick won it for us."

All quotes are taken from John Beresford's interviews for