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28/03/1993 v Birmingham (h) 2-2 Division One

"I had been called up for the England squad and was away for most of the week training with them. It was a bit scary being a First Division player among all the Premier players and I must admit I was nervous joining up with the squad for the first time. When I got there Ian Wright came over and I wondered what he was going to say. "Who's this big guy then?" he said, joking. He was great at putting me at ease and I was really grateful to him for that.

Kevin Keegan had allowed me to be away with the England squad but I came back for the Birmingham game on the Sunday. We got off to a terrible start and went two down early on. One of the expert summarisers, John Sillett, I think, blamed me for one of the goals and made some comment about not bothering to go back and train with England. I never thanked him for that properly..."

All quotes are taken from John Beresford's interviews for