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31/10/92 v Leicester (a) 1-2 Division One

Kevin Sheedy kicked Simon Grayson up a height on the touchline in the last minute and got a red card. I asked John if this was a bit out of character for Kevin Sheedy, as he always seemed the quiet sort on the pitch.

"Not really. Kevin had a bit of a temper on him if anyone upset him. He always said that he couldn't tackle but he could definitely hurt someone if he needed to. I really remember that time at Leicester when he lost it and launched Simon Grayson because I was only half a second behind him. In the dressing room afterwards Keegan went mad at Sheedy and I kept thinking that it could have been me.

As most people know, once you upset Keegan it's often difficult to get back on his good side.

All quotes are taken from John Beresford's interviews for