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Interview - looking back on the past season - 19/05/2004

Interview - looking back on the past season
Jay Tabb - Plastic Paddy but a good lad
   Wally Downes
   Martin Allen
   Stockport County

With goals rather than points arriving for Hunty at Brentford this past season, Official Player Sites asked Brentford’s popular winger his views on what turned out to be a disappointing year…


1 - Who is your personal 'player of the season'?

Jay Tabb, he’s now an Irish under-21 international and although he’s a plastic Paddy I’ll let him off as unlike Clinton Morrison who’s as Irish as Buckingham Palace, he knows the words to a few Irish songs and has quite a few Irish relatives. He’s a had an outstanding year in a difficult season and I hope he has an even better one next season. He was even sensible enough to second in the club’s scoring charts…wonder who came top?


2 - Who is your 'young player of the season'?

Eddie Hutchinson, he doesn’t get many headlines but no one puts in graft like Eddie. Teams need players like him and he’s done very well.


3 - Best game of the season?

It has to be beating Barnet on penalties in the cup…but don’t take it personally Gaffer!!!


4 - Best goal?

Away to Chesterfield, I took the ball from the half-way line, beat two or three defenders and smashed it in the top corner. Pity it wasn’t the Millenium Stadium…Saltergate was falling apart!


5 - Worst game?

Stockport at home when we lost 2-1. They were terrible…and they beat us!! Wally Downes got the sack for that and I think we all felt pretty guilty about it. He was a decent coach and deserved better from us.

6 - Best ground/atmosphere visited?

Away to Barnsley, we beat them 2-0 and everyone was in top voice. It was a great day for the travelling supporters.


7 - Hopes for next season?

I’ll be in my last year of my Brentford contract and I want to make it count. I thought we’d have a good chance of promotion last season and it’s been a big let down. We’ve a new gaffer come in and I’m confident that next season will be a much better year for the supporters. Personally, I’d like to be named in the PFA team of year, get promotion and play my last ever game in Div Two!!


8 - Any message for the fans?

Yes, thanks for sticking with us this year. You deserve better and me and all the lads know that living in London you could easily follow one of the big Premiership teams. The fact that you pay your money and come down to Griffin Park means you’re true football supporters. Next year we’ll give you something to be proud about!!

Can I also say thanks to some of the lads who are leaving the club. I’m losing a lot of mates and hope you all get contracts soon (as long as they’re not better than mine!). But seriously, good luck and I hope you all do well.



NB/ Stephen is having an operation on his troublesome groin injury today. He’s expected to have to rest for around six weeks and therefore he’ll be back and ready to start pre-season with all the other lads in around two months time.

For those of you interested, the injury is known as ‘Gilmore’s Groin’ and details of the condition are described below. The information is taken from yes…it does sound rather sensitive!

 - involves tears to the adductor muscles - often high up to their attachment to the pubic bone.

- resolution is generally achieved via gentle stretching during healing with a short period of rest.

the medial border of the superficial ring is formed by the common attachment of traversalis abdominis and the external oblique. When injured this structure causes pain in the groin that is sometimes referred to the abdomen, testicle and sometimes the other side. There is rarely any hernia. Characteristically the patient (often a footballer) complains of a grumbling groin pain that subsides with rest but recurs with activity. There is tenderness over the pubic bone and also over the inguinal ring. Treatment is usually surgical. Often specialist referral to a sports medicine consultant is required.

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