Another four years to wait - 04/07/2006


Like everyone else, I found Saturdayís result was very disappointing. Even with ten men, it was us rather than Portugal who were asking most of the questions and you canít help but feel that the Portuguese were quite happy to settle for the spot kicks. When it came to it, confidence played a large part and whether their success in the Euroís made a difference or not, they did seem very assured.


All the media hype is about Ronaldo, but at the end of the day it was a kick by Rooney and technically itís violent conduct. Itís an understatement to say that Rooney will be upset with Ronaldo, but more privately heíll be upset with himself. He knows that heís been targeted and he knows heís fallen for it. Itís a lesson, a hard one, but if youíre going to take positives out of the situation, perhaps the experience will make him that little bit more mature.


I watched the game at Steve Harperís place -  he had a party for one of kidsí birthdays. I also saw the France/Brazil game and thought Zidan was exceptional. If pushed Iíd say itís Germany v France in the final, probably with a French victory.  

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