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Toon star boosts reading scheme - 04/05/2004

Toon star boosts reading scheme

Newcastle United defender Robbie Elliott has joined a scheme to encourage families to read together.

The Premier League Reading Stars scheme involves top players encouraging fans to read their favourite books.

It involves the Football Foundation, the National Literacy Trust and the Premier League and is supported by Arts Council England.

Each premier league club has nominated a reading champion who has chosen his favourite book.

Robbie Elliott chose "Look! There's Elmer" by David McKee as his favourite children's book.

'Positive role'

He said: "As a youngster myself, reading was something I always did and enjoyed.

"For a start it's very educational, teaches you a lot about life and is a great pastime.

"Reading with my children is also a treat and is something I would encourage all parents to do."

The clubs have adopted libraries and children meet to talk about the books chosen by the footballers.

Chairman of the Premier League and Football Foundation, Dave Richards, said: "Through schemes like Premier League Reading Stars, football is using the interest and passion generated by the game in order to raise educational standards.

"By encouraging people to read and go to their public libraries, footballers can show the positive role that they can play in society and strengthen the links that already exist through Premier League clubs and their communities."

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