Three points - 20/08/2002

Three points
Olivier sliding in

It was good to see a winning start at St. James, we played well and were comfortable throughout the game. It was obvious that West Ham came for the point and when they conceded the first there was no way back for them. Itís strange that they should adopt these tactics as theyíve a number of quality players and the fact that they finished 7th last season proves how good they can be. I played the last minute or so and it was great to take part. Olivier pushed forward and I slotted in at left back. Weíve a reserve match against Boro tonight, so Iíll be keeping up my match fitness and expect Iíll be playing for the full 90 minutes.

I had a good chat with Don Hutchison just before the kick off. Iím known him for some years now, we met when we were about 17 in Bournemouth. I was having a break down there with Jamie Redknapp and a few other lads and we've kept in touch since. Heís still recovering from knee surgery but is quite happy with his progress and expects to be back in the not too distant future.

Itís City next and a reunion with Kevin Keegan. One things for sure, itís going to be a great game and thereís no surprise that Sky have decided to feature the match.

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