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The Rain in Spain - 09/09/2005

The Rain in Spain
Glad he's with us
   Michael Owen
   Graeme Souness
   Newcastle United

The rain in Spain just didn’t exist…we enjoyed some great weather and had a very productive few days.

One of the few disappointments was the fact that we were slightly detached from the excitement of the Michael Owen signing. It’s a big boost for the Chairman, Manager, players…and fans!! Looking on as up to 20,000 fans appeared to get a glimpse of Michael left us Geordie’s proud. We can rightly claim to have the most passionate fans in the country. I just wish I’d been in the ground with my family to experience the event.

I’ll probably be on the bench tomorrow and I’m more than looking forward to what will be an excellent atmosphere. Hopefully the quality of our players – coupled with the benefit of your support will enable us to take three valuable points. Nevertheless, we’ll have to do far more than simply turn up. Football is a funny game and after we comfortably beat Fulham in April, they’ll be looking for revenge and a repeat of their victory at our place last season.

We should also remember that Kieron, Nobby, and Emre are all missing from our midfield – so we’re not exactly at full strength.

Incidentally, I can’t sign off without reference to our physio Derek Wright. As well as being an expert in his field, we’ve also found out that he’s blessed with talent in another sporting fields (or courses). Derek is an expert golf course designer – he’s also highly original in that Jack Niclaus may rely on years of experience and have the best of industry specialists at his disposal, but Derek does it all himself…the way he dug up the turf with his driver, and added bunkers all over the course with a range of clubs was quite spectacular.

Let’s just say he couldn’t be accused on being a bandit!!


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