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Just like the ‘old days’ - 23/08/2005

Just like the ‘old days’
Great to have him back
   Lee Clark
   Newcastle United

Although more than a few things have changed since Clarky and I used to run up and down the touchline at St.James during the Keegan years, it was just like the ‘old days’ as we warmed up during Saturday’s West Ham game.


A friend of mine was recently talking to ‘Pudsey’, the ex-kit man at Fulham. Apparently Pudsey was telling him that Clarky’s idea of a great footballing Saturday was an away win with Fulham, followed by watching Newcastle get a result on Skysports on the team coach.  It’s that type of passion that can inspire the kids AND the pro’s at Newcastle.


The reception given to him from Saturday’s crowd was fantastic and if I felt like joining in it’s simply because I’m also glad to see him back at the club! I’ve known Lee Clark since we were schoolboys, and I know how much he loves our club. He returned because he wanted to give something back to the club…and although he wont admit it, because he also wanted the chance to pull on the shirt. He may have thought his role would involve the coaching side of things, but I bet he secretly hoped he’d get his chance to play.


When the Chairman talks about the need to have a few Geordie’s around the club – it’s the type of Geordie epitomised by Clarky that he’s talking about.


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