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Back to school - 23/09/2002

Back to school
Three points - the most important stat on Saturday!
   Peter Reid
   Newcastle United

During my time at Bolton I studied for an HND in Sport Science, I really enjoyed it, so much so that I’ve enrolled for a Sports Science degree at Northumbria University.

Today was my ‘first day back at school’, as I’ve got my HND I’ve gone straight into the second year. It also means that I’m the new kid – so I found it more nervous than playing at St. James!! Just as I was leaving one of the classes, I walked through one of the corridors when a group of students saw me. They didn't realise I was walking behind them because they started to talk about me. It was quite funny really, one of them said “That was Robbie Elliott, what’s he doing here? He must be about 27”. I turned a corner and walking past them said…”28 actually”!! Could have been worse though, they might have mentioned the fact that I can’t get in the team at the moment!

Talking of the team, I thought we worthy winners on Saturday, Peter Reid has certainly got a job on his hands. Sunderland are a team who compete, it’s a big part of their game, so if you take that away, they lose 90% of their effectiveness. I know that it was a derby game, but they were away from home and we were always favourites. So it was a game where there was little pressure on them. On Saturday they’re at home and if they don’t perform the crowd could well turn on them. As for us, well I don’t think we’re playing to our true potential, we’ve still got plenty more in the tank. Having said that, three points are in the bag and that’s the most important factor!

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