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Football 'the beautiful game', you can see it live, listen to it on the radio, read it in the papers, watch it on TV, and surf the net for it...but how close do you really get to people who make the game so special?

If you want to know the inside story, and want to get to what the media missed, then you're in the right place! Official Player Sites provide you with all the latest news and information about your favourite players. Each site is updated regularly by both the player and our editorial staff, with the sole intention of giving you the best in unique access to the latest news, views and opinions of the men that really count.

The sites have been created by the Pro's because they want you - the fans to hear it as it is. You can play fantasy football with the players, there are autographed memorabilia as well as great competitions, and you can mail your questions to the Pro's. If you want more, tell us - we're here to listen to you.

Thank you for visiting Official Player Sites.

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