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Time to move on - 21/01/2004

   Louis Saha
   Manchester United
   Swansea City

After re-joining United when my loan with Swansea expired, I met with Alex Ferguson to talk about my future. Iíve been at the club since my school days and although Iíve made progress through the academy and reserve teams, thereís a big jump to the first team and itís first team football that I require. We both agreed that perhaps itís time for me to move on Ė Iíve been offered a one-year extension but I doubt Iíll take up that option.

The fact that I was more than happy to return to Swansea for a second loan period evidences how keen I am to play in the first team. Iíve already heard that thereíve been a few offers from Division One and Two clubs, but itíll be a very important move for me so I wonít be rushed into making a decision. I sat down with Mark Bennett and Dean Baker Ė my agents Ė today, and although Iíve one or two mixed emotions, itís really quite an exciting time.

The fact that United have just bought Louis Saha proves how difficult it is for the young reserves to break through. The likes of Nardi (Daniel Nardiello) Eddie Johnson, Neil Wood etc must all be a bit disappointed as theyíve all slipped one place further away fro the first team. The flip side is that most payers released by Man Utd get a second chance, whereas if a struggling third division club letís you go Ė you make have to drop out of full time football.   

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