It's Liverpool and Live on Sky... - 05/02/2002

It's Liverpool and Live on Sky...

"It's Liverpool and Live on Sky...but don't expect another 4-3. Every game is different, and that's what we'll be thinking when we play Arsenal on Sunday! I remember watching the first 4-3 when I was in Peru, it was simply incredible, but I think tomorrow night's game is going to tight...and certainly tough!

To be honest, I'd settle for a draw. You have to look at the fixture list and then you'll realise that, on paper, we have the easiest run in of all Championship contenders. With Man Utd only drawing against Derby, this shows you that there will be other strange results and we're not out of it yet. As for the Champions League, Leeds only drew and Chelsea lost, so if we fail to make the top four now, we'll only have ourselves to blame.

Liverpool's main threat is their pace, and with them resting Michael Owen against Fulham, you can bet he'll be in the side to face us. Has he scored a few goals against us before? Anelka and Heskey also have power and are quick, so it's going to be another tough game for our defence and the whole team must work hard to defend as a unit. I'm looking forward to it...and I'm sure Sky Sports are too!!!.

I'll let you know how it goes on Thursday!"

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