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Press article:

In the spotlight: Nolberto Solano - 30/01/2004


Leading figures from West Midlands football have agreed to answer the questions of Row Z readers.*

This week it's the turn of new Villa signing Nolberto Solano to take his place in the hotseat:


Welcome to the Birmingham, Nobby! Are you excited about joining your new club? David, Aston

NS: "Oh but of course yes, much am I looking forward to pulling on that famous blue strip for the first time."

Row Z: Actually, Nobby, Villa play in Claret and Blue...

NS: "Ha ha ha! I joke with you Peruvian style! I was knowing that really, of course."


Nobby, next time you're back home in Peru, can you pick me up a Peruvian rug? My mum Doreen loves that kind of thing. She did have a nice sheepskin rug, but my dog Dion dropped his load on there after sneaking off with my Massala." Derek, Northfields.

NS: "Dropped his load???"

(Row Z explains...)

"But this man Derek is filthy, our rugs are crafted by love, they not there to be 'dropped all over'."


Are you looking forward to joining up with your new team-mates? Freddy, Columbia

NS: "Yes, total excitement is my feelings. Solano looks forward to playing with scary Robbie Savage, macho Christophe Dugarry and Matthew Upson, who is always of the suntan.

Row Z: Erm...Nobby, they all play for Blues?

NS: "Ha ha ha! Of course yes, we know this. Come on you Blues! Ha ha ha!"

Row Z: Aaaaanyway. Next question...


Is qualifying for Europe a realistic ambition this season? Brian, Shard End?

NS: "If I didn't say yes would you'd be disappointed, wouldn't you?"

Brian: Yes

NS: "Then, yes."


Bobby Robson was known to be upset at the number of games you missed because of international duty. 

Do you anticipate a similar problem with your new club? Gloria, Bloxwich

NS: "Is difficult, is difficult. I love the club - they pay me the wages that puts the food in my mouth. But I say, 'Look at my motherland. Look at the mountains and the rivers and the ocean. Peru is in my soul. My heart beats to the distinctive sound of our panpipes. And you should see the fantastic air miles I'm racking up."


Are you looking forward to your first city derby? Jimmy, Solihull

NS: "Much, much so. I watched last season and very soaked were my pants at that rubbish goalkeeper and his stupid letting in of the goals. We will thrash them like the dogpigs they are, Jimmy."

Row Z: That was Peter Enckelman, Nobby. He was Villa's goalie. You've signed for Villa player.

NS: "You English and you're sense of humour! Ha ha ha!"


How do you think the manager will help you develop as a player? Bosko, Croatia

NS: "Mr Bruce he help me soar like the hungry buzzard, run like the angry badger and forage like the crazed ferret. I am much looking on this excitedly."

Row Z: Sorry to butt in again, but David O'Leary is the Villa manager.

NS: "Ha ha ha!"

Row Z: No, really.

NS: Oh... I think I'm going to drop my load. Sorry, I'm going to have to go and phone my agent.

Row Z: Ok. Bye then.

* No they haven't. We've made the whole thing up.

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