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Press article:

I was robbed! - 07/03/2002

Nobby Solano left Liverpool convinced he had been robbed of a penalty which might have saved Newcastle United from their usual defeat at Anfield. But really on the night United can have few complaints from Teesside referee Jeff Winter who turned down several Liverpool penalty appeals. However this did not stop Solano from insisting: "We definitely should have had a penalty just before half-time when we were just a goal down. Liverpool defender Abel Xavier had hold of me around the neck and he dragged me to the ground when I was in a good position in their six yard area."

"I spoke to the referee about it and told him but it was too late. It was just before half time and who knows if we had got that penalty and Alan Shearer had put it away it could easily have changed the whole game."

Solano gave his all last night - a night on which United's Premiership championship hopes surely all but disappeared. And the Peruvian international stressed: "While it would have been great, we have always said that we did not think we could win the title. But if we had not lost our two last matches we would still be in the battle for the championship with less than nine games to play and that can't be bad. Now we have to be strong in our next games starting with Arsenal in the FA Cup at St James's Park on Saturday night. We are still confident and we still have good players - players who got us where we are today. What we have got to do is learn from what happened against Arsenal and Liverpool and put it into practice."

more news on the Liverpool match to follow...

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