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Let's look forward, not back - 08/04/2003

   Manchester United

I didnít travel to Liverpool for the Everton game, and as a result I watched the game at home on TV. It was a big disappointment and although the refereeing decision when against us, Iím sure we can play better. Everton are a good Premiership team, their league position speaks for itself, but if weíre to win competitions such as the Premiership Ė itís teams like Everton that we must beat.

Itís important to look forward, Man Utd on Saturday is still a massive game for us, however instead of looking up at Man Utd and Arsenal, weíre now looking down at Chelsea. Last season we finished fourth and this year weíre now in third place Ė itís important to make progress and thatís why we need to keep going. Of course qualifying for the Champions League is fantastic, but weíll enjoy the summer even more if we can stay in that third spot.

Hopefully Iíll be fit for the Man Utd game, the injury happened when I was training with the national team in Peru. I read some reports that said it was a thigh injury, but itís my groin thatís causing the problems. As a result I missed our two games, a 2-0 loss and a 3-0 win against Chile. Itís a long way to travel, especially when you canít play. But I enjoyed being back home and it was good to meet up with the Peru players. Having felt that the injury was clearing up I started training, but just five minutes before the end of training last week, it went again. Thereís absolutely no point in taking risks, so Iíll give it a few days, have some treatment with the physioís and see how it goes. Itís going to one of the biggest games of the season on Saturday and I want to be involved, but thatís up to the injury and to the gaffer.

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