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An interview with Nobby - 20/02/2003

An interview with Nobby
The club is moving forward, and I'd play left-back if the gaffer asked me to.

The following interview took place on the afternoon of Thursday, 20 February. The questions were put forward by Phillip Craig of and …

How do you feel the season has gone so far?

I think that overall it has gone OK, we set ourselves the target of re-qualifying for the Champions League, and at the moment, it’s looking very good. Personally, I know that Arsenal are the team of the moment, but we played them at St. James and did very well, so we know we’re not far away from becoming an excellent side. Where can improve, and where we need to improve is away from home. If we had last year’s away form with this year’s home form, we’d have won the Premiership! As for this season’s Champions League, we still have a chance and we’ve justified playing in the tournament as we’re still in it. The other cup’s have been disappointing, but overall I think we’ve done well. As a team we’ve improved on last year’s performances and I also think the squad is bigger and better.

Over the year’s you’ve been linked to some major clubs, Real Madrid being one, where do you see your future?

I am playing my football for Newcastle, I am happy here, I’ve always been happy here. As a team we’re moving forward and in that team I’m playing Champions League football – it doesn’t get much better than that! People might talk because I have been substituted a few times, and of course I want to play, but I also want the club to win. I will play anywhere for the gaffer, if he said “Nobby, you’re playing left-back today”, then that’s where I’d play and I wouldn’t complain. I know that both JJ and Kerrsy have come in and played in my position, but I think that is positive because it is good for the club. I’m here and I want to stay. When I retire I will go back to Peru, but I’m 28 years old and I’m not thinking of retiring.

Speaking of Peru, playing for your national team has been the cause of some debate between yourself and Bobby Robson. What is the latest situation?

I take great pride in representing my country, I also take great pride in representing my club. Sometimes you can’t do both and something has to be sacrificed. So I will not play in any friendly games and will only play in competitive matches. I hope the fans can understand me, and I’d like to think they can support me in making this choice. I want to play all the games for my club and all the games for my country, but with only playing the competitive games I think it is the fairest way.

Looking back at the Wolves game in the FA Cup, what do you think went wrong in the game?

The Wolves game was a big disappointment, for the fans as well as the players and club. I really don’t know what went wrong. What we have to do is put it in the past. We have a lot to play for and we have to move on and look forward.

How far are the club away from winning a major honour?

We’re not far away, but there’s a thin line between success and failure. As I said before, we’re not too far behind Arsenal, and it is still possible to win the Premiership, but the club is very young and I think it will be two, maybe three or more years before we reach a peak. But we can win something this year, so who knows?

In your 5 years at the club, what have been your highpoints?

Maybe the last two years, we’re a much better team and although there’s been the FA Cup Finals, the football we’re playing, and the competitions we’re in are much better. This is a good time for the club and I’m very happy.

It’s Leeds at the weekend, how do you see the match

Every game is a hard game, this is even more so as it is so important first to come in the top four places, and then perhaps even win the Premiership. We need to look at the Leverkusen game and realise that we can win away from home. It’s a special game for us as Leeds have been the only team to beat us at home this year. We remember that and we want to repay them. Unfortunately for me, my injury hasn’t cleared up properly and I doubt that I’ll be taking part. I’ve been spending some time with the physio’s so I hope to be back very soon. Whenever I do come back though, we need the points at Leeds.

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