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Letís get this straight! - 26/11/2002

Letís get this straight!
Thankyou Marcelo
   Newcastle United
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Thereís been a lot written about me in the press recently, most of it has been blown out of proportion and Iím happy to set the record straight. After losing my place in the side I was upset, but isnít that normal? You ask any player if theyíd be happy when they arenít playing, how many will say Ďyes, thatís good?í Iím a professional footballer, I love my work and I love to play for Newcastle United and the fans of Newcastle United. If youíve read the web site youíll know that a big ambition of mine is to help the club win a trophy for the fans. Do you think that Iím going to leave the club because Iíve missed a few games? Itís simply not true. I spoke to a journalist at ĎThe Journalí and perhaps other people have picked up what has been said and added more words to make it a bigger story.

I look at the squad and I see many players who havenít been picked, some that have playing regularly and now canít get in the side Ė thatís football, and some that weren't playing but are now involved. The gaffer has a right to pick who he wants, thatís his job. I may not like being left out but I do accept his decision.

It is disappointing not to be playing, especially when weíre facing such massive games at the moment, with the Champions League and games against teams at the top of the Premiership. Getting on the field at Old Trafford felt good, I came on for the last 20 minutes and enjoyed being back, it wasnít much time to make a difference, but that didnít stop me from trying. What I can say is that Iíll do everything I can to stay in the team, and this does not include speaking to journalist after journalist telling them that I want to move! I know that itís on the pitch that counts and thatís where I want to be.

Now what Iíd like to do is to talk about the game, the players, and play my football...

I know quite a lot of the Inter playersÖCordoba from Colombia, Crespo, Vivas and Zanetti from Argentina, Recoba from Uruguay. All of them fantastic players and Iím really looking forward to the game. I've played against most and I know that we're in for a tough, tough fight. As for their style of play, I think after playing Juventus we can expect a similar game. OK they have different players, but we know that they will be heavily organised, hard to break down and technically also strong. But this is what we should expect, this is what this stage of the Champions League is all about, and this is why I had to thank Marcelo Salas! He may not be too happy about his lack of appearances for Juve, but we were all very happy when he helped beat Kiev and saw us through to this stage. Now after getting a great result against Juventus, itís time to go to work again. We've learnt our lessons from the first three Champions League games, I hope that weíll make a better start this time! We have the ability and it's about playing to our potential. If we can do this then we are in with a chance. I know the fans will be looking forward to the game, let me tell you that itís the same for me.

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