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We deserved more - 25/09/2002

We deserved more
Song - I'm impressed
   Laurent Robert
   Newcastle United
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   Champions League

We knew Feyenoord were an excellent team, but we feel very disappointed today. This was a game where we played very well, yet we have nothing for it. Sometimes defeat is easier to accept if you get blasted by a team, but last night we were the better team, we created more chances and had no luck.

It’s not time to feel sorry for ourselves though, once again we conceded an early goal. Last season we managed to turn these situations around, but that was last season, and this year seems to be a different story! We can’t keep on giving teams a one goal start and then expect to beat them. We’re playing in the Premiership and the Champions League, football doesn’t get an harder than that.

Their keeper played very well, making saves left, right and centre. I had a chance, but Robert’s ball came in at me at such pace that I found it impossible to get in a clean header. The ball actually hit me between my ear and shoulder before bouncing off the turf and being tipped over by the keeper. Song also impressed me, as did Van Hooijdonk, both worked very hard and never stopped running. Their close control and movement were also impressive, yet we've players who can out perform them. Sometimes it's a frustrating game.

I see that Juventus also beat Kiev 5-0. But we’ll go to Turin and aim to win, we have to. On paper, nobody will give us a chance, we were beaten 2-0 in Kiev and then they were hammered by Juventus. But you never know with football. We might play badly and still get a win – why not, I think we’re due a result like that!

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