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Peru will stop to watch Nol play - 02/09/2002

Peru will stop to watch Nol play
Big in Peru
   Nolberto Solano

Nobby Solano is looking to dazzle for Newcastle United tonight - so he can be a television star back home in Peru. For, when United are live on Sky Sports, Peru comes to a standstill so they can watch their favourite son in a black and white shirt.

And as he completed his preparations for the clash with Liverpool at Anfield, Solano said: "When we were last on Sky against Manchester City at lunchtime last Saturday it wasn't shown in Peru because of the time difference. "But the previous game against West Ham when I played OK and scored a goal the people back home were full of it. "And the following morning my telephone was red hot. All my friends and family rang and so too did all the football journalists. "There will be a lot of people in Peru watching what happens at Liverpool tonight and it goes without saying I would love to do well. "As for our game against Manchester City, we know we didn't play well but it was one of those games where the harder we tried the worse it got. "But I hope to change all that tonight - even if it means my telephone will not stop ringing tomorrow."

Newcastle Evening Chronicle

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