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Six points from Two games - 13/09/2002

Six points from Two games
Unlucky son!
   Kevin Nolan
   Fabien Barthez
   David Beckham
   Ruud Van Nistelrooy
   Ryan Giggs
   Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
   Bolton Wanderers
   Manchester United

I was at Old Trafford on Wednesday night and it was a fantastic achievement to see Bolton beat Utd 1-0 – for the second consecutive season!,

To be fair, yes Bolton played well, but I really don’t think this Manchester Utd team is firing on all cylinders. Going forward Giggs lacked flair and only did anything when he came off the wing and looked inside. Up front both Van Nilstelrooy and Solskjaer looked to be below their usual game.

I think Sam was looking to keep a point when he brought Djorkaeff off with fifteen minutes to go, but when we got the goal, it was a case of backs against the wall. I thought Beckham was trying to bring the ball down and turn at the same time, he didn’t pull it off and when he slipped it fell nicely for Kevin Nolan. I tell you something, the boy finished it very well – a great composed and accurate shot that deserved to beat a rather poor Barthez.

Although Campo only came on for the last six or seven minutes, he did an important job. With the defence shifting to three centre-backs, straight away he was giving direction and organising the team. This looks good and six points from the last two games is certainly better than we could have expected. Confidence will be lifted and help us build on the last couple of games

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