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Time for the Cotton Wool - 11/08/2002

Weíve got our final pre-season friendly tonight and I canít say Iím really looking forward to it! Weíre carrying far too many injuries and now Iím wishing Saturdayís game against Bath could be put back a week or two. As a result Iím going to throw on some of the kids, itíll give them a decent bit of experience and hopefully nothing will happen to the lads who are presently fit.

Iím also having a look at Mark Walterís. He was released by Bristol Rovers at the end of last season and heís now with Aston Villa Ė working with the kids. He looks good out on the pitch, still got a touch of class and heís great at getting balls in from the flanks. Hopefully itíll work out well for all of us.

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