The better side but no points! - 12/09/2002

The better side but no points!
So close Shola

I really did think we were the better side last night. I was obviously at the ground, but if youíd watched the game on Sky, I bet theyíd have shown that we dominated possession. We created far more chances than them but we just didnít take them. At the end of the day itís about putting away your opportunities, and Leeds did that very well. It was easy to see that Paul Robinson had a cracking game, but I was also very impressed with Harry Kewell and even more so with Alan Smith. I bet the England game has given him a big boost because he looked to full of confidence. He took his goal fantastically and Shay didnít stand a chance.

I didnít think that the ref gave us much, perhaps Shola should have got a penalty, but I guess that it would have been a pretty soft one if it had been given. Hugo came on for Speedo but played a more deeper role than usual, and Bellerís looked lively without getting a break.

I played the full 90 minutes in a practice match this afternoon. We beat Carlisle 3-2 with yours truly getting a classic! I got the ball from a short corner then cut inside before hitting it in the far corner. Iíd played just behind the front two Ė Bellerís and Corty in the first half, and then dropped back to my usual centre midfield in the second 45. Overall it was a useful workout for the lads, it keeps us ticking along and thatís exactly why we needed the game. Everyone is fit at the minute, so itís frustrating not be involved with the first team. But I signed the contract in the summer and I knew what I was doing, just as well Iíve got Lloyder (David Beherall) to keep me laughing Ė you want to hear the latestÖtake a look at my football stories!

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