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Gudjon's gone - it's a surprise - 04/03/2004

Gudjon's gone - it's a surprise
We wish him well
   Paul Hart
   Gudjon Thordarson
   Luton Town
   Sheffield United

I heard the news on the radio this afternoon, and it’s a surprise. The last ten games have been poor – we knew that, but we certainly weren’t expecting Gudjon to go. It hadn’t even been discussed as the gaffer had come in when the club was really struggled and turned a relegation threatened team into a promotion chasing team. I’ve a lot of respect for Gudjon, he was good for me, and although I didn’t enjoy playing all over the park, I never blamed him because recently injuries had forced his hand. I wish him well and I’m sure that he’ll be back soon, and that he’ll do a job good.

I’ve also just found out that Paul Hart is our new manager. I know that our Chairman (Peter Ridsdale) rates him highly, and I also know that he likes to play football – and that’ll suit me. As ever, it’ll mean that all of the team will have to prove ourselves, and those lads who haven’t been getting a game will also have a chance to impress and get back into action. Training will be more competitive and everyone will be out to make a good impression. It means that we should see the benefit over the next few games, and if it comes, then it’ll be a boost that should see us make the play-off’s.

In facing Luton on Saturday we’ll be up against a form team. I got a 90th minute winner at their place, but they played well and we know we’re in for a tough game. We then travel to Hillsborough for what should be a great game in front of 30,000 odd fans. It’s going to be more than interesting over the next few weeks, and I hope and think we’ll be moving up the table.

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