Going well - 01/10/2005

We’re currently second in the league and we’ve had such a brilliant start to the season. We’ve won the last 6 games and have scored 8 goals in the last two games. It’s just fantastic!


I remember before the season began, we thought that we were good enough to do well and hoped we’d stay up, and now look at us! Of course it’s very early in the season and there’s an awful long way to go, but whereas in the beginning we would have been happy with a draw, now we approach every game thinking we can win.


I played in the pre season games but didn’t start the first few league games. Then there was an injury and I started playing. I did pretty well and have since played in every game. To be honest I think this league suits our style of play, as we like to pass it around, the matches in League Two were a bit more direct.


Our last game was against Yeovil and we won 4-1. Yeovil were promoted as Champions and they seem to be struggling a bit. Actually, out of all the promoted teams we’re doing the best!


There’s been some good signings over the summer. Shaun Goater has come in and brought with him his experience and know how. He’s played at the highest level and he can share this with the younger lads at the club.


There’s been a lot of chat about the lack of excitement in the Premiership and I would have to agree to a certain extent. A lot of the play is quite negative, but I suppose you can understand it a bit as there is so much at stake. In fact the other day I turned on the TV to watch some Premiership football and ended up turning it off! That never used to happen, as it would’ve been something to look forward to but there is so much football on the TV these days. Chelsea look almost certain to win the title, and I think Arsenal and Manchester United will battle it out for 2nd and 3rd.


Despite England’s defeat to Northern Ireland the other week, I think Sven should stay. A different manager would pick the same players, and I reckon they’ll do what’s needed to qualify in the upcoming matches.

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