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Christmas Cheer!? - 22/12/2003

Christmas Cheer!?
John O'Shea - better in the middle
   Rio Ferdinand
   John O\'Shea
   Manchester United
   Bristol City
   Football Association

Christmas Cheer? We could do with some as we seem to have lost our form and the last few weeks have been very disappointing. To be honest it’s difficult to analyse what’s gone wrong – it’s not as if we’ve been hit by loads of injuries or suspensions. The one thing that we do lack is a bit of experience, and perhaps the team relies on three or four players a little too much – but we had a good spell not so long ago and it’s frustrating that we can't seem to recapture that form.

We face Bristol City on Boxing Day and they’re a decent side who play some excellent football. I know that Luke Wilkshire’s got a website and I’ve read about them paying well but not always getting the results – we’ll settle for the same again please!! I’ll probably be playing face to face against Luke so it’ll not be an easy afternoon. He’s arrived at Bristol after playing in the Premiership with Middlesbrough and it’s fair to say that with his ability, he should be playing in a higher division.


I was at the Tottenham v Man Utd game yesterday after I get a ticket from my old mate John O’Shea. It’s quite mad but I saw eight goals last year and another three with Shaysy, Van Nilstelrooy and Poyet scoring – but they’ve all been at the other end of the pitch!! Eleven goals and all scored at the ‘home’ end of White Hart Lane.

The Rio Ferdinand ban seem quite harsh to me, eight months is a lot of football. But it might turn out to be quite good for Shaysy, he’s a better centre-half than a left back so maybe he’ll get a few games in the middle. The FA have handled the whole incident poorly, it’s taken an age to sort out and I know the Man Utd players aren’t exactly impressed with the ‘justice’ dished out by them.


Anyhow, this’ll be my last update before Christmas so I wish everyone all the best!! I’ll be at my girlfriends on Christmas Day but with the Bristol game on Boxing it wont quite be the same.


Merry Christmas!!

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