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03/05/97 v Arsenal (a) 1-0 Premier League

Gillespie sent off for two bookable offences after coming on as a substitute. Robbie Elliott got our winner as Europe beckoned.

"You look at the team that started this game (Srnicek, Barton, Peacock, Watson, Beresford, Lee, Batty, Elliott, Ferdinand, Shearer, Asprilla (Clark and Gillespie used as subs) and it seems obvious to me that if Kenny had stuck with this squad and brought in only one or two new faces, we would have had the team to really challenge the following season.

The problem was that the players were Keegan's and although we respected Kenny, it just wasn't enough for him. Players came and went, and the local lads going was a bad move. Rushy and Barnes were great when they came, but they just weren't right for Newcastle and things had changed for the worse.

Of course Robbie Elliott scored the winner in this match, and that summed up the difference between me and him. While I could bomb on and try to set up chances, Robbie was more defensively minded but could still ghost into the box and get you a goal. We complimented each other down the left and were both happy with the partnership, after having been competing for the one shirt previously. I had even sorted Robbie out with some sponsorship with the same firm that I had a deal with, telling them that if I wasn't in the team, he would be the one taking my place!

At the end of the season, I was approached by Colin Todd at Bolton who told me he was looking for a left back and asked me what the situation was at Newcastle. I was perfectly happy and told him so, but you never know what can go on so Toddy went to Newcastle and made an enquiry.

Newcastle came back and told him that I wasn't for sale, then the next thing I hear is that they've sold Robbie to Bolton and I was speechless. The fact that they'd let the younger of the two of us go and sold the local lad with the potential just seemed to show that the plc had told them to get money in.

Robbie was devastated and we all knew how much it meant to him. I never fathomed what Newcastle were trying to do, but almost overnight the spirit that had made it so special had just gone from the club."

All quotes are taken from John Beresford's interviews for