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23/03/96 v Arsenal (a) 0-2 Premiership

A major blow to our title hopes when Barton gifted a ball for them to score.

"I know that Warren won't mind telling you this one. He got caught trying to be clever instead of hoofing it away and was really upset after the match. What made it worse was that he was an Arsenal fan as a kid, and didn't know whether to laugh or cry when Keegan said to him in front of all the lads 'You're not playing for Southerners now - I didn't buy you to play football - just keep it simple'...."

That caused a bit of an awkward silence in the dressing room, and Keegan then started on the rest of the team, having a real go at people for not performing. In the middle of all this, Tino stood up and started to take his kit off and all the lads were just waiting for KK to go barmy. He asked Tino what he thought he was doing, and got a reply, 'I get changed, I catch plane'. (he was off to play for Colombia)

KK couldn't cope with this, and just shook his head and let him get on with it. When Tino came out of the shower, the gaffer was still talking to us all, and again stopped when Tino pulled a pair of jeans and a thick jumper from his bag. Keegan said to him, 'Tino, you're not going anywhere - look outside, that crowd will be there for another hour.'

The dressing room at Highbury backs on to the street, and if you open the window, you can see all the fans crowded outside. Someone opened up the window and we all looked out including the gaffer, who said 'see? I told you.' Tino turned round, looked at him and said 'yes I will' then looked back out in into the street and whistled. Straight away, a guy on a massive motorbike showed up and Tino gave him the thumbs up before rushing out of the dressing room. Seconds later he appeared outside, strapped on a helmet, jumped on the back of the bike and was gone, blasting off into the crowd..

We were all still looking out of the window in amazement, when KK turned round and simply said "can you believe that guy ?" or words to that effect...

All quotes are taken from John Beresford's interviews for