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24/02/96 v Man City (a) 3-3 Premiership

"I played in midfield for this one as we experimented with three across the back. We didn't practise that system at all in training and Keegan's approach would often be, "Just go and do it." Kinkladze was playing really well for them and I must admit I thought I'd clatter into him to try and put him off his stride a bit. I did hit him a bit hard at one point and he got straight up and booted me right up the arse, just in front of the ref. The red did nothing, I couldn't believe it. This was also the game that Tino had a couple of goes at Keith Curle. Curle's game was all about winding people up and although Tino was usually pretty mild-mannered if you pushed him too far he would really flip. I guess that's what happened that day and he was lucky not to get sent off for the elbow.

Tino was popular with the lads and was a real character. He was actually quite a funny guy but he never really learned English and often his jokes needed translating by his interpreter and as they say, the humour often lost a lot in translation. Clarkie would often wind him up by getting him to say daft things. Once Tino wanted to buy some girls a drink one night and he made the mistake of asking Clarkie what the English was. You can imagine what Clarkie got him to say and it didn't involve drinks....

Alan Shearer would also have a bit of fun with Tino. It was in the days when we would often train at different places and Alan told him there had been a change of plans and sent him to the wrong one a few times. Tino would turn up late and arrive to a big cheer from the lads. Once it happened for about the fourth time, Keegan suggested that was enough...!

He was probably one of the worst dressed lads at the club and he was unbelievably lazy in a lot of ways but he could also be really generous. If the club were out as a group he would often invite everyone back to his house. Not just one or two but everyone. Unfortunately this usually meant his place was in a bit of a state but that was just him.

Sometimes in training you could look at him and think he was the worst player you'd ever seen - he'd miss the ball and kick the grass but then other times he would do something with a ball and you'd think "How the hell did he do that?". He was probably the perfect substitute and his game was definitely suited to European football - a great free-kick winner. However, he would often get a lot of hassle when we travelled abroad. While we were all usually whisked through customs because Tino had his gun conviction they would hold him back for hours while they searched his luggage. This happened when we went to Singapore and he was fuming about it"

All quotes are taken from John Beresford's interviews for