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10/01/96 v Arsenal (a) 0-2 1996 League Cup QF

Disgraceful refereeing saw savage tackles on Ginola go unpunished and even result in a booking for the Frenchman when brought down ! His frustration resulted in a dismissal for elbowing Lee Dixon in the face. Ian Wright scored a goal in each half.

"Looking back, after this game David Ginola was never the same player he had been before. He was literally in tears in the dressing room and was just so frustrated, and felt everything was against him. Dixon had been giving him some rough treatment and then of course made the most of the elbow, and the Highbury crowd and all the press and media were accusing him of being a diver.

This was a turning point in his career at Newcastle and in many ways the beginning of the end, as he stopped being a team player and things got too personal with him. He tried to take the whole opposition team on and frustrated his team mates as much as the other team."

All quotes are taken from John Beresford's interviews for