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16/12/95 v Everton (h) 1-0 Premiership

"Les got an early goal in this one too but I'll remember it for other reasons. I was marking Kanchelskis and suddenly he got away from me. In that split-second I remember thinking, 'Please don't play it to him," - too late - "Please be a bad ball" - it wasn't - and I had to haul him down and hope that I'd just get a yellow. I went up to Paul Durkin [ref] and said, "Fair enough, I made a mistake, can you let me off?". "No way, John, you're off," he replied. I stormed off, calling him 'a little ginger git' as I went, which Steve Watson pulled me up about....

"It was still in the first half and I sat in the dressing room trying to work out what was happening from the crowd. It's a lonely place and I went for the proverbial early bath feeling devastated. I ended up watching the second half from the bench which, strictly speaking, you shouldn't do. The crowd and team were brilliant and Pav played a blinder to make sure we won and to get me off the hook."

All quotes are taken from John Beresford's interviews for