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16/09/95 v Man City (h) 3-1

"We played really well in this one, especially in the second half, once they had been reduced to ten men. Richard Edghill had gone off for two bookable offences and I must admit David [Ginola] and I played a large part in the dismissal. After the first booking I said to David, "I'll play it in and if you turn him quickly he's bound to dive in again. You might get another kick but I bet he does it again." Sure enough a few minutes later the plan worked and he walked. I remember Gary Flitcroft coming over and saying, "Oh, brilliant. I've got both of you to sort out now."

In the second half we ran them ragged and Flitcroft kept saying to us, "Will you stop it! You've got the three points, just give us a f***in' break will you?" But we were enjoying ourselves too much so we just carried on. Minutes later he said, "Ah, f*** this!" and signalled to the bench to get him off because of a hamstring strain!

Kevin Keegan tried to show Keith Gillespie the same Ginola trick in training once and Keith just couldn't get his head around it at all. Ginola made it look so easy and Keith just couldn't get it. David has fantastic talent - probably the best I've seen in my career - but as a lot of people have said before he wouldn't exactly die for the cause. The best way I can put it is, that you could come off having been beaten 3-1 and if David had scored a cracker and played well, he'd be really pleased. Most other players wouldn't be bothered how they'd done personally if the team had lost.

All quotes are taken from John Beresford's interviews for