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28/02/95 v Ipswich (a) 2-0 Premiership

Ruel Fox scored a belter in this victory against his hometown club, with Kitson notching the other. "Foxy had great ability, I think he was one of the best at head tennis at the club and that's usually a good measure of skill. He was very laid back, though and if the team formation didn't suit his game then he would often drift out of games. I was sad to see him go because it meant I was on the end of all the dwarf jokes....!"

Paul Kitson had one of the weirdest senses of humour, he was a bit off the wall at times. Most of the lads didn't quite know how to take him. He didn't smile a lot and was very sarcastic and it took a while to get to know and like him. There was one thing that he started that became cultish at the club.

At the end of saying something sarcastic he would say, "Zaza". So, for example, if you had a really bad game he would come up to you afterwards and say, "Bez you did alright today, zaza." This would be used in all sorts of different ways and really started to catch on.

One morning Keegan called us all together for a meeting when we'd hit a bit of a bad run. I think Kitson wasn't keen on signing his contract and he'd had a few disagreements with Keegan. KK asked around if anyone had any problems and no-one really said very much. "And what about you, Paul?" he said. Kitson looked a bit taken aback and said nothing. "Come on, there must be something you'd like to say and I'll take as many zaza's as you like." The room erupted.

Paul used to fancy himself a bit and thought he was a bit of a tough nut. I don't know whether he was or not but "I'll knock ya out," became a bit of a catchphrase for him. This backfired a bit after he came off worse after a night out in Leeds. I think he was out with his girlfriend and some lads started having a go. Instead of laughing it off Paul squared up to them and took a bit of a battering. Of course the lads were sympathetic and took the mickey all week. I'm sure every time Paul told the story one more was added to the number of lads he took on.

We asked John about the infamous incident when Keegan apparently turned off the radio on the team bus when callers into phone-in, 606, abused Kitson on the way back from a 0-0 at Sheffield Wednesday.

I honestly don't remember it and I'd be a bit surprised if it actually happened. We never had it on in the bus. As soon as the results were read out at 6.00 the radio would get turned off and a music video would get put on.

All quotes are taken from John Beresford's interviews for